Daniel Gardner
Senior Journalist, WhichCar.com.au@octanedan

Matt RaudonikisWith a degree in mechanical design Daniel has enjoyed tenures as a mechanic and engineer but realised writing about cars is far better than a real job. Many cars have passed through his garage over the years. All of them produced more power than the manufacturer intended and most of them ended up in a hedge. Ten years on the spanners in both the UK and Australia has given Daniel a unique perspective of the constantly changing Automotive landscape and a genuine insight into what customers want and need. If you’re after a new set of wheels he’s all ears. Just don’t ask to borrow his socket set.


Alex Inwood
Editor, Wheels Magazine and WhichCar.com.au@clutchkickalx

Alex InwoodAlex has wanted to work at Wheels ever since his father bought him the magazine as a young boy. For the longest time it seemed a pipe-dream, yet after stints on radio and cutting his teeth at some of Australia’s leading motorsport magazines, he now finds himself steering the editor’s chair at Wheels. Young, energetic, and with an equal love of print, digital and video presenting (especially if it involves ‘dynamic cornering’), Alex is relishing the opportunity to live and breathe his dream.


Matt Raudonikis
Editor, 4X4 Australia Magazine

Matt RaudonikisMatt is a 30-year veteran of the auto industry spending the last five with Bauer media as 4x4 Australia editor. As a result, he has been pigeonholed in to the 4x4/off-road arena but he’s in to anything with an internal combustion engine and wheels, or no wheels. He has been writing about cars since 1990 and video reviewing them for five years. Matt prefers old cars over new, big cars over small and has no time for autonomous or electric ‘gimmicks’. He’ll always look for the practicality and sensibility in any vehicles and its ability to serve the purpose it was designed for. According to Matt, he will not be around to see the demise of combustion power, which raises more questions than it answers.


Andy Enright
Deputy Editor, Wheels Magazine, @AndyFromWheels

Andy EnrightAfter spells writing for titles such as The Times, Autocar, Car and Top Gear Australia, interspersed with teaching people which way the Nurburgring goes, Andy Enright pitched up in Melbourne in 2013. What followed was a terrifying couple of years pretending he knew one old Falcon from another on Unique Cars before stepping into the more comfortable shoes of the Deputy Editor role at Wheels. Since then, he’s consolidated his role as one of Australia’s leading motoring journalists, underscored his reputation as a very handy steerer and proven a master of writing about himself in the third person.


Noelle Faulkner
Senior Journalist, WhichCar.com.au, @noelleincars

Noelle FaulknerGrowing up in her grandparents' car yards, with a bunch of hand-me-down Matchbox cars and a Barbie Corvette glued to her person at all times, Noelle's love of horsepower started at a very young age. An established journalist, whose words have also appeared in Harper's BAZAAR, GQ, Vogue, ELLE, Marie Claire, The Guardian, VOGUE Living, QANTAS Magazine, I.D. and more. Flung into the burnout pits at Summernats, taking on the sand dunes of the Sahara, driving across Europe in a roofless three-wheeler or making noise in supercars, Noelle is always down for an adventure, often to the detriment of her adrenal glands. She immerses herself in things that move her to ensure she is always moving.


Scott Newman
Associate Editor, MOTOR Magazine, @scotttorque

Scott NewmanScott Newman is associate editor of Motor, Australia’s leading performance motoring outlet. His personal Instagram handle is @addictedtosliding, which pretty much sums it up – Scott is happiest driving anything with four wheels, preferably as quickly and/or as sideways as possible (in a controlled environment, of course). A rallying tragic, Scott cut his driving teeth in the Tasmanian Rally Series and will compete at every opportunity. He’s also a firm believer that you can’t judge a car by how many horsepower it has or how many dollars it cost, the only thing that matters is how it drives.


Dylan Campbell
Editor, MOTOR Magazine, @campbellsoops

Dylan CampbellDylan Campbell is the Editor of Motor, Australia’s leading performance motoring magazine. With 12 years’ experience as a full-time journalist including a stint at Top Gear, Dylan has tested every new performance car of significance since 2011 – and many of insignificance. When he’s not tinkering on his 1986 Toyota AE86 Sprinter GT-V he can be found at a track day or some far-flung twisting road. A born petrolhead, basically if it has at least four wheels and one for steering, Dylan is interested in driving it – and telling you about it.


Louis Cordony
Journalist, MOTOR Magazine

Louis CordonyLouis drives other people’s cars for a ‘living’ at Motor magazine. He once fetched the press cars as an intern, and now does exactly the same as staff journalist. Like all good car journalists, he harbours a deep love for fast wagons he can’t afford. One day, he says he will restore his Honda Integra Type R to its former glory - as far as we know, it’s the only Type R fitted with a towbar, which is used for transporting a decent collection of carts to the track – so we forgive him. Louis is fascinated by most things technical but should not be trusted to build an Ikea chair.